AgeForce HGH PowerPatch

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AgeForce free trial is limited to one product per person.

HGH PowerPatch, the widely anticipated alternative to HGH (Somatotrophin) supplements, is finally available. After several years of extensive development, AgeForce’s scientists have finally perfected the delivery of real human growth hormone via a transdermal patch (AgeForce HGH PowerPatch). Please note, this is not an HGH enhancer, but instead real human growth hormones much like the ones found in an HGH injection at the doctor’s office. The HGH PowerPatch is an affordable alternative to actual HGH injections. Each time-release transdermal patch delivers the equivalent dose of a 4 IU (International Unit) injection of Somatropin directly to the bloodstream. AgeForce patches are 100% sourced, formulated, and manufactured in the company’s United States FDA Certified laboratories. Don’t confuse the HGH PowerPatch patch with other HGH sublingual stimulators. It is recommended by the manufacturer for men and women that want to elevate their overall fitness and health with consistent exercise & workout routines.

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Not the typical HGH Enhancer. Most HGH products are designed to encourage the development of human growth hormones in the brain. HGH enhancers are an excellent strategy for long term hgh increases to reverse the signs of aging and revitalize mental and physical ailments. However, the Age Force HGH PowerPatch is a total different product. It does not encourage HGH growth. It instead pumps a medical grade synthetic version of HGH directly into the skin.

This approach to HGH delivery maximizes muscle growth in a very short period of time. For several years professional athletes have injected HGH into their muscles for the specific purpose of enhancing performance and encouraging muscle growth. This patch delivers the same type of HGH and should produce similar results.

The topical delivery of HGH in this patch ensures that it will quickly be carried to the target muscles. Placing the patch closer to the desired area of growth should trigger even more rapid results and greater growth in strength, tone, and muscle mass.

AgeForce offers a 30 day guarantee gives consumers just enough time to try the product and see significant results. However, if you wait a week or so after the product arrives, there won’t be enough time to see significant results. So be sure to start using the product as soon as it arrives. However, unlike many HGH providers, AgeForce’s guarantee is a real one without many of the hidden restrictions associated with other HGH products. This means you can actually try the product & if it doesn’t work the way you expect, you can still get your money back within the first month.


Synthetic HGH is banned by a number of professional and amateur sporting organizations. Please review the guidelines of any organization you participate in prior to beginning a dosing regimen with AgeForce HGH PowerPatch.

Unlike other AgeForce products, the HGH PowerPatch is not an organic supplement or a homeopathic remedy. That said please consult a medical professional prior to taking this product, just as you should any time you take any performance enhancing solution.

Reported Benefits (from the manufacturer)

  • Rapidly increase energy
  • Improved alertness
  • Gain strength
  • Development more lean muscle mass
  • Dramatically improved muscular power, endurance, and response times
  • Improved mental focus
  • Higher load capacity
  • Improved muscle pump & performance
  • Decreased wound healing, and recovery time.
  • Reduction in excess body fat
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