Melatonin Patch Review

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Melatonin is believed to help promote a more normal sleep pattern that can lead to more restful sleeping and better overall health. The Melatonin Patch from AgeForce combines the hormone melatonin with GABA or gamma-Aminobutyric acid, to produce a potent proprietary formula. When combined, these to powerful ingredients help complement each other and promote a higher quality of sleep, than they can on their own.

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When melatonin supplements are taken orally, up to 75% is thought to be lost in the digestion process. Along with the loss of potency, oral supplements can take up to six hours to enter the bloodstream. The AgeForce Melatonin Patch overcomes these obstacles by utilizing a time-release transdermal patch to bypass the damage caused by the digestive system and send the dosage directly into the bloodstream. With this delivery method, the 5mg of Melatonin and 4mg of GABA can begin to enter the bloodstream just seconds after the patch is applied.

Studies have found that increasing the levels of melatonin in the body can help both men and women achieve longer and more restful nights of sleep. Other possible benefits include preventing migraines, treating delayed sleep phase syndrome and help preventing the signs and symptoms of aging. Melatonin is also believed to be a very powerful antioxidant and may help prevent or reduce cancerous tumors and fight depression. With the time-release transdermal Melatonin Patch from AgeForce, a steady dose of melatonin and GABA can be administered of the course of up to six hours.

Reported Benefits (according to the manufacturer)

• Help alleviate sleep disorders
• Combat mood disorders
• Help prevent migraines and other headaches
• Overcome jetlag
• May help reduce the instances of gallbladder stones
• Help prevent the signs and symptoms of aging
• Act as an antioxidant


• Not suitable for pregnant or nursing women
• May cause skin irritation
• Must be applied daily
• May dislodge with extended periods of strenuous activity

By combining the reported effects of melatonin and GABA, the AgeForce Melatonin Patch is designed to promote a more restful night of sleep and help fight off the symptoms and visible signs of aging. With the time-release transdermal patch, the dosage can begin to enter the bloodstream faster and with less degrading than traditional oral delivery methods.

How To Place Your AgeForce® “Buy One Get One Free” Supplement Patch Order

AgeForce is offering any of their advanced transdermal time-release patch supplements with a Buy One Get One Free with a Buy One Get One Free limited time offer. This offer is good for any of the company’s order options as follows:

Monthly AutoShip Order – If you choose the Monthly AutoShip the company will send you a 60-day supply every 60-days, and you will only bill for a 30-day Monthly AutoShip supply. The company will continue to ship your 2 for 1 AutoShip order for as long as you elect to keep your order active. Monthly AutoShip customers may cancel their AutoShip order at any time prior to the next bill and ship date by sending the company an email. The company will confirm your order cancellation by return email promptly.

All Single Orders Are Doubled! - If you order a 30-day supply, the company will send you a 60-day supply. If you order a 90-day supply, the company will send you a 180-day supply. And if you order a 180-day supply, you’ll get a 360-day supply! This is a great opportunity to purchase any AgeForce patch supplement at half price!

Be Sure to Bookmark the 2 for 1 order page – This order page is not a regular page on the company’s website, so if you’re going to visit other pages on our website, be sure to bookmark this special order page, or use your browser’s back-button to return to it, as you will not be able to navigate back to this 2 for 1 order page if you navigate away from it.

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